States Approve Historic Dementia-Specific Funding in 2022


In state capitals across the nation, Alzheimer’s advocates have been working hard to advance policies to improve the lives of those impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Thanks to their hard work, state governments approved a record-breaking $164.2 million in dementia-specific funding in 2022. Factoring in varying budget cycles throughout the states, this number increases to $177.7 — representing an 8.6% increase in total funding across 35 states and the District of Columbia from the previous year. 

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Additionally, four states  — Alaska, Arkansas, Maryland and Tennessee — appropriated dementia-specific state funding for the first time since the Alzheimer’s Association began formally tracking state funding in 2015. By engaging with policymakers in every state, AIM is growing momentum in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other dementia. 

Approximately $35.1 million of the dementia-specific funding approved by state governments in 2022 was allocated for dementia research grants. Thanks to tireless advocates at both the state and federal levels, AIM has helped achieve unprecedented levels of dementia research funding. This funding is directly empowering scientists to explore different pathways that could yield promising new therapies for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia in the future.

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